Alex Singer with Reynolds 753 tubing

We bet the ride must be extraordinary.


54 cm c to c seat tube, 700C wheels.

All original parts, very good paint end decals.

Superlight Singer in expensive 753 tubing. I’ve seen very few Herse or Singer bikes made from this top quality but difficult to work tubing.

Singer stem, front carrier, rear mudguard reinforcement, and all the braze-ons of the better Singer bikes.

Best parts : TA triple, Campagnolo hubs, Super-Champion rims, Huret Jubilee derailleurs, TA pedals, Mafac competition brakes and levers, Idéale Rebour saddle.

The simplified lugs, the fork top, are reminiscent of some of the bikes that Singer had made by CNC, but the quality of the bike is incomparably better than any CNC-Singer I’ve ever seen.

CNC bikes weren’t fitted with a Singer stem, had really cheap parts whereas this one has the best parts of the time. On other CNCs I’ve seen the stay to dropout area was very roughly done (dome shaped endings to the stays), this bike has the correct Singer fishtail work. CNCs had horizontal dropouts, this one has vertical. CNC lugs were unfiled, the workmanship on the whole rather shoddy, on this bike the lugs although simplified are very finely crafted, check in particular the seat cluster.

CNCs didn’t have brazed-on brakes, cable stop, cable guides, mudguard reinforcement etc.

So the bike is a bit of a mystery to me, maybe a basic frame made by CNC by their best craftsman, and then heavily reworked by Singer? 753 Reynolds certification wasn’t easily given. Or a Singer built frame in CNC style, the simplified lug shape having something to do with the very difficult to braze 753 tubing?

Whatever, it’s a really nice bike, and a wonderful ride I’m sure.

Update : an expert opinion I have taken (I know more about Herse than Singer) says he thinks it is a 100% Singer, the simplified lugs were common at this time, and the details are all typically Singer. We both agree it’s a very nice bike…

Postscript: the auction closed at a fitting $5,600.


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