Holin Design No. 313

We don’t post too many modern bikes, but we seem to keep coming back to these eye-catching Holins.

This one in particular is just begging for a tasteful down tube decal, though, in spite of the obvious hew toward minimalism.

$_57 (36hd)

Single speed Holin No.313

We offer a very original and unique single speed bike No.313 from the workshop HolinDesign. This model has a very strong frame Lauer with the beautiful seat Brooks B17 Imperial. It is version cyclocross for a short person.

Frame: 51/53 Lauer Columbus Cr-Mo;
Tubes: Columbus,
Rear hub: Gipiemme,
Front hub: Gipiemme
Handlebar: 3TTT,
Crankset: Gipiemme,
Pedals: MKS,
Tyres: Schwalbe 700×30 CX PRO,
Saddle: Brooks B17 Imperial,
Color: green,
Weight: 9,9 kg.



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