Vintage (and we mean vintage) Bianchi Pista

Talk about rare—we’ve never seen a Bianchi Pista this old (dating back to the 1950s in this case). We’d love to have it!

As you will see, the seller’s ad copy could benefit from the use of paragraphs.

$_57 (36bp)

Offered for auction is a very rare late(?) 1950s Bianchi Team Campione del Mondo pista/track bicycle. It is a true team bicycle as noted by the frame’s serial number 999111. You may know that old Bianchi bikes with serial numbers beginning with 999 were made for the team. I’m not sure as to the exact year of the bike. The bottom bracket shell is 70mm wide and has flanges and the 25mm seat post size indicate 1950s vintage. The original fork crown race (not mounted to the bicycle but included in the auction) is stamped “Bianchi 1952.” The FB wheelset hub race cones are stamped FB 53 (1953 – front cones) and FB 54 (1954 – rear cones). I know the team mechanics switched parts with whatever worked at the moment so there is no telling from the parts the exact year. I did get the frame (bicycle incomplete) in largely original condition with some areas resprayed. When I had the frame restored, I used the same decal scheme and decals (Bianchi logo with white banners, not red). The frame has a 55.5cm seat tube center-to-center (57.5cm to top), and a 57cm top tube c-t-c. I had the frame professionally restored maybe twelve or fifteen years ago. It has been in my collection and not ridden. The chrome on the head lugs is original and in very good condition. The fork crown looks to have been re-chromed as you can see the light outline where a hole for a front brake was filled. The chrome is in very nice condition though. It did come with an early Campagnolo Record pista bottom bracket (the spindle does not have the large washers), maybe the second version with large lettering on the spindle. I replaced some original parts with same model parts but in better condition. The Cinelli Model 14 pista bars stamped with “14” one end are 40cm end-to-end and look to have been re-chromed. The Cinelli badged stem is in original condition and is 125mm long. The Galso Bianchi plugs are NOS. The 25mm seat post is a Record post from the 1970s and is NOS. The seat post binder bolt is the original Bianchi bolt and nut. The Sella Italia Super Sprint saddle is NOS. The crankset is a 165mm 1st edition Campagnolo Record Pista model in very nice condition. The pictures make it look like there is strap buffing on the arms. That’s just a reflection. The arms are very clean with virtually no buffing marks but some marks (scratches/dings) here and there. The metal plugs on the inside of the pedal holes are intact. The crankset bolts are early Record in excellent condition. The bottom bracket spindle is used in good condition but the thin walled cups are NOS (if I remember correctly). The Campagnolo 25T chainring and 7T inch pitch cog are NOS. The chainring bolts are not rusted. They did not chrome plate these back then. The Regina block (inch pitch) chain is in excellent condition. The Campagnolo Pista Con Denti pedals are excellent, Binda straps are NOS, and old logo Christophe medium sized chrome toe clips are in excellent condition. The wheelset are Nisi track rims 36/40 with FB track hubs engraved with “Bianchi” in script style. They have Stella spokes are 4-cross and are tied and soldered. These are original. I polished the rims the best I could. There is a remanent of a Nisi decal on one of them. I have some reproduction Nisi stickers that I will include. The tires are not glued to the rims but hold air and show light wear. They are 1960s or 1970s vintage Vittoria Track X tubulars. There is one tiny paint chip on the right side top tube otherwise the paint is free of scratches or chips. I think I addressed all the parts. This a super nice and rare track bike that belonged to the Bianchi team.


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