Wouldn’t mind having that. Love the color.

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This is an Italian built Masi Gran Criterium Vintage 1972. Serial number is M 56. The frame was most likely built with reynolds 531 tubing although there is no decal present.
The fork has a Fischer crown with grooves front and back. The frame is straight and tracks true. There are no dents.

The measurements are: Seat tube 55cm c-c, 56cm c-t. Top tube is 55.5cm c-c. The bike is outfitted with Campagnolo components with a couple of exceptions. The rear derailleur is stamped with Patent-72.
The crank arms are 170mm Strada with no date codes. 42-52 chain rings. Regina CX/CX-S- 7 speed freewheel, 13-26. Regina chain. Record hubs with Ambosio 19 Extra Elite rims. Campagnolo pedals.

Cinelli Milano 90mm stem with Cinelli Mod Giro D’Italia handle bars. Campagnolo 27.2mm seat post with San Marco Supercorsa Concor saddle.

Everything else you see is Campagnolo except: Seat post binder bolt, rear mech pulley wheels, brake blocks and one pedal dust cap. These items can be sourced if desired.
The left hand brake hood has a tear. The bike looks good and presents well. The photos show a few areas in the paint worth noting. Drive side top tube, drive side chain stay, left side seat stay at the top,
front of the fork on the left side, various areas with some paint chipping. Please study all photos. There are plenty to show any imperfections.

This bike can be ridden as is. The tires have some age but hold air with no bubbles or bumps. The bike shifts and brakes as it should. It would be recommended to grease the bearings
before any extended riding.


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