Pipe dream of the day

Never heard of this builder until recently, but examples of Mssr. Confente’s handiwork appear to fetch a pretty penny.


One of only eleven track bikes Mario produced. In a very real sense it is extremely rare, and in this size, essentially unobtainable. The likelihood of you finding another in your size is as close to 0% as you can get. As can be seen on the build card (last picture above) the bike was ordered with the front fork drilled. It says “con freno” or with brake. As you can also see it has none of the usual embellishments; no cutouts in the rear dropout, no BB cutout, etc. This was built, some would say, as Mario would have preferred. A purpose built bike meant to be ridden….period. It is as rare as much for what it is, as for what it is not. It is not a repaint and retains the original CycleArt paint-job. There a few paint scratches especially on the inside of the chainstay near the BB (from tire wear), and on the rear dropouts (from Axle nuts). Nothing of significance There is also a slight discoloring in a small section of the yellow paint on the seat tube also hardly noticeable. Also note that the seat tube has the long yellow section that is rarely seen on Confente’s signature white and yellow bikes.

Honestly this bike looks almost as new. Blemishes need to be really searched for. It is, in my opinion, a classic example of Mario’s work.

The details are follows:

Frame: Mario Confente Pro-Pista
Top tube 52.5cm c to c
Seat Tube 51cm c to c, 52cm c to t, and 52cm according to Mario’s build record
Standover height is 30 inches or 76.2 cm
Tubing is Columbus PL which was light track tubing
Bars: 3TTT 40cm outside to outside
Stem: 3TTT 11cm
Rims: Fiamme Red Label Pista 36 hole
Hubs: Campagnolo Record track
Seat Post: Campagnolo Super Record fluted two bolt
Binder bolt: Campagnolo
Crankset: Campagnolo Track 144mm bolt circle, 165mm crank arms
Chain Ring: Campagnolo 1/8th pitch, 46 tooth
Rear Cog: Campagnolo 16 tooth with Campagnolo lock ring
Chain: Regina Oro
Pedals: Campagnolo Super Leggere track (steel axle)
Straps: Binda
Headset: Campagnolo steel track
Saddle: NO SADDLE (although a saddle is pictured this auction does NOT Include The Saddle
Tires: Clement Pistard. glued on and rideable, but as with any old or used equipment, YOU RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK.



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