Speciale Corsa

Update, 8 July 2015:

The bike is now available for $1,200, which strikes us as a bargain.


Original post from 26 June 2015:

Nice opportunity for a tall person. The asking price ($1,800 OBO) seems pretty reasonable! Bike is already in the US, too.

$_57 (36scsc)

Offered for sale is a freshly restored Cinelli ‘Speciale/Super Corsa’ road bicycle.

Frame Serial Number: ‘4539’ and letter ‘C’ stamped on bottom of bottom bracket shell.
Estimate of date for frame: 1970
(Based on serial numbers registered at The Cinelli Registry)
– Seat post and head tube lugs have the three, decreasing size holes (began in 1968)
– No bottom bracket oil port (disappeared in 1965)
– Sloping fork crown versus flat fork crown
– Front and rear Campagnolo drop-outs
– Cast tops of seat stays and cutouts in the seat lug
Frame measurements:
Seat tube: 61cm
Top tube: 57cm
Down tube: 62cm
Original faded red paint and primer were chemically stripped from frame and fork, and frame and fork were primed and re-finished in Blood Red. The original head badge had lost most of its paint, so the remaining paint was chemically stripped from the badge, and the brass was polished. Reproduction decal set was applied on the freshly painted frame.
List of components installed on bicycle:
Headset: Campagnolo ‘Nuovo Record’, 1 inch, top locknut engravings – ‘, BREV. CAMPAGNOLO ITALY BREV. CAMPAGNOLO’, top bearing race engravings – ‘- PATENT – CAMPAGNOLO – ITALY – PATENT – CAMPAGNOLO – ITALY’
Bottom bracket: Campagnolo ‘Nuovo Record’, engravings on axle – ’70-SS and Campagnolo World logo’, engravings on cups – ‘BREV. INTER. CAMPAGNOLO, 36 x 24F’
Crankset: Campagnolo ‘Nuovo Record’ 170mm crank arms, stamped ‘STRADA’ on backside of arms with the number ‘3’ in a circle.
Crank bolts: engraved with ‘CAMPAGNOLO PATENT’
Crank bolt caps – Campagnolo, engravings ‘PATENT CAMPAGNOLO’
Chain rings: Campagnolo, engravings – ‘BREV. CAMPAGNOLO, , ’
Shifters: Campagnolo ‘Nuovo Record’
Front derailleur: Campagnolo ‘Nuovo Record’
Rear derailleur: Campagnolo ‘Nuovo Record’, engravings – ‘Patent 72, BREV. INT. CAMPAGNOLO’
Brake calipers: Campagnolo ‘Nuovo Record’, engravings – ‘CAMPAGNOLO BREV. INTER.’
Brake levers: Campagnolo ‘Nuovo Record’, engravings – ‘CAMPGNOLO’ on fronts of levers, and ‘BREV. INTER.’ on rivet heads
Seat post: Campagnolo ‘Nuovo Record’, engravings – ‘Campagnolo’, ’26.2’, and world globe logo
Pedals: Campagnolo, engravings – ‘PATENT CAMPAGNOLO, MADE IN ITALY, 3/16 x 20, BREV. CAMP.’
Freewheel: 5-speed,
Stem: Cinelli 1A
Handlebars: Cinelli Mod. 64, Giro d’Italia, 40mm wide, wrapped with new black fabric tape
Saddle: NEW Specialized ‘Body Geometry’ with spare tubular tire holder attached underneath seat (neat period accessory!)
Rims: Wolber ‘Gentlemen 81 SUPER CHAMPION’, 36 spokes
Hubs: Maillard ‘Helicomatic’ rear
Tires: Michelin ‘BIB-TS23’, ‘27” x 1”’, ‘MADE IN FRANCE’, clinchers
A majority of the components on this bicycle are the original ones that came on the bicycle. Components were disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated, where required. Some of the finishes on various pieces do exhibit scratches and some pitting of the chrome, but nothing hideous or so much so that it would detract from the overall look of the bicycle. Any components that were too damaged to be saved were replaced with identical period correct components.

The original Campagnolo ‘Record’ wheels that came with the bicycle were beyond saving, with severly scratched braking surfaces and rims that could not be trued. The ‘Unicantor’ suede saddle was also badly worn and damaged beyond saving. Both should be easy items to source and replace to complete this stunning bicycle.



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