Old bike “Folgorissima”

Like that color. Almost a robin’s blue as opposed to traditional Bianchi celeste.

The fenders (mudguards) are a nice touch.


Extremely Rare Bianchi Folgorissima 1949 / 1950
The Bianchi Folgorissima is a historically notable Bianchi model, recognised amongst collectors and Bianchi enthusiasts as one of the best and most collectable Bianchi models. Perfect for a restoration project, for collectors of vintage bicycles, and for Bianchi enthusiasts.

Introduced in mid 1949 as Bianchi’s top of the range racing bicycle. It was introduced to showcase the new Campagnolo “Una Leva” 4-speed derailleur. The Folgorissima model was short-lived as in April of 1950, the great Italian racing Campionissimo, Fausto Coppi, rode a Bianchi Folgorissima to victory in the Paris-Roubaix spring classic race. As a result, Bianchi immediately re-named the Folgorissima to “Paris-Roubaix”! The Bianchi Folgorissima existed on the Bianchi inventory for less than one year making it the rarest Bianchi racing bicycle ever produced.

This bicycle is a collectors item, it is not ready to ride. It is on sale at auction in its original found condition. Parts have been replaced by previous owner over time in order to keep pace with the mechanical tendencies (up to the end of the 1960s). It was originally meant to be mounted with a Campagnolo Paris-Roubaix derailleur. Rear dropout teeth have been filed down slightly to accomodate a Campagnolo Gran Sport hub.

The front wheel is original with a “Bianchi” branded Fratelli Brivio hub. The rear wheel has been changed to a clincher rim with Campangnolo Gran Sport rear hub.

Original Paint, some original decals are not present on the frame.

More technical details and details about the frame’s size can also be found below in our “technical datat sheet”.



Postscript: the Folgorissima sold for $1,534.


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