400 km Brevet Video

That’s lovely—but admittedly also a bit incongruous seeing mudguards and lyrca mix 😉 ‘Round here, lycra pretty firmly puts you in the roadie set…

Off The Beaten Path

Theo is the ride organizer of an upcoming Seattle International Randonneurs 400 km brevet. So a week ago, Theo, Hahn and Ryan of the Bicycle Quarterly team pre-rode the course, to make sure that the cue sheet is correct, that roads are open, and to get a general feel for the ride. Are the controls easy to find? Are the stores open at the times required, or is there a need of an “informational” control for some riders who may come through at night? Are there long stretches without “services”? All those questions are best answered by doing the ride a week ahead of the official ride. The “pre-ride” also allows the organizers to do the ride and get credit, for example, to qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris.

Ryan mounted his GoPro camera on his bike for this ride and edited the footage into a lovely 6-minute video. It gives a great…

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