Atala Pista

Never seen one.


Up for auction: A used late 1970’s Atala Pista with Columbus SL tubing. 53 cm seat tube ctc. Top tube is 54 ctc. Stand over height is slightly over 31 inches. Bike has been painted a deep red. Buyer should note there are also paint touch ups on the bike which I’ve tried to picture well in the auction. The frame was like this when I bought it and Obviously the bike was used a fair amount before I bought it and built it up. The red touch up paint doesn’t exactly match, but this bike isn’t a concurs queen and from 5 feet away is barely noticeable. Paint is shiny and clean. Frame fork is drilled for a front brake but has no mounting provision for a rear brake. Fork blades are round, not oval as correct for a pista bike of this vintage.

I built this bike up from a frameset using mostly Campagnolo equipment with exception of the crank which is Gipiemme with a Galli track chain ring 47 teeth as I couldn’t find a good condition Campy pista crank. Both the crank and ring were NOS when I installed them. I have used this bike on the road only 3 times as the local terrain is just too steep for a pista where I live. It may have 10-15 miles on the drivetrain since being built. I used to commute on a Gitane pista BITD during my college days in the 80’s, so wanted to ride one again. After building this one I can just see it’s not a practical bike to use at all in my local area. There is little to no wear to the tires or crank since I installed the components. It’d be a great bike to use in the city to use if you have a 2-5 mile commute each way.

Pista Wheels: Campagnolo High flange early 1980’s pista hubs with 24 spokes which I think are a somewhat rare drilling for this vintage. Hubs are very nice original condition, barely used. Wheels were built using stainless 15 gauge DT spokes, and NOS Fiamme red label rims with new Vittoria CX corsa tubulars. I used the heavier 14 gauge spokes as there are fewer in these wheels and chose the Red label rims over the Ergal as felt I’d need the extra strength. Rear cog is a NOS 15 tooth zeus alloy track cog. I’m 195 lbs, and a strong rider and have ridden this on good roads without wheel issues even climbing some moderately steep hills out of the saddle. If you’re heavier than 200 lbs, then you might want to install 28-36 hole rims and hubs.

Bars and stem: TTT and the handle bar is not a full pista bend but more a criterium style like a 1970’s Cinelli 65. Stem is in nice condition, 110 mm long.. Bars were NOS but stem was slightly used. I have fitted a front brake (Campagnolo grand sport) with Campy lever and a dummy Dia Compe tandem stoker right hand rest for comfort on longer rides. I also added a cup handlebar holder for those wanting your Gourmet coffee or other drink when out on a ride. The holder will hold a water bottle as well, but only a smaller diameter one than normal. I can easily remove the holder if the buyer doesn’t want it. It’s a plastic clamp on only. Bars are wrapped with white cork tape to match the saddle.

Drivetrain: Very little wear on NOS Gipiemme Pista crank, 165mm arms, NOS Galli track ring, 47 teeth. Rear cog is a NOS zeus alloy 15 teeth, Campagnolo used NR Pista Bottom bracket with Italian threading. Chain is pista. I also installed NOS MKS chain tensioners on the rear dropouts for ease of adjusting the correct chain tension. Pedals are Campagnolo Superleggeri pista pedals (steel axle, alloy cage) with new toe clips and new straps with strap grab buttons. Pedals are in nice condition and look unused with exception of one having scarring on the pedal body. I think someone tried to use a metal cleat on them at one time. I bought them this way. See photo of the pedal.


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