Witcomb USA Track

Modified to accept a front brake. Interesting bike—curious where the auction ends up.


Witcomb Bicycles were originally produced in the UK. Back in the mid 1970’s they opened up a small USA production facility in East Haddam, CT. I am the original owner of this bike and, it is the only Witcomb USA bike I have ever seen.

Frame Size: 22″
Frame Material: Reynolds 531 double butted steel tubing
Pedals: Campagnolo Nuevo Record
Crank: 47T Campagnolo Nuevo Record
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Nuevo Record
Hubs: Large Flange Campagnolo Nuevo Record
Seat Post: Campagnolo Nuevo Record
Head Set: Campagnolo Nuevo Record
Front Brake: (added so riding on the street wasn’t too crazy) Weinmann side caliper
Handle Bar: Cinelli
Stem: Cinelli
Rims: Super Champion “Arc-En-Ciel”
Saddle: Ideal 90
Freewheel: Regina 19t (also added for street riding)
Fixed Gears: I am including four fixed gears (15T, 16T, 17T, 18T)

This bike was purchased and built in 1975 while I was a student in Boulder, Colorado. After graduating, getting married, having kids, etc. the bike hung from the ceiling in our garage, where it has remained until today. I have put less than 500 miles on the bike and all components are in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear. The bike does need new sew up tires (current tires are rotted), cleaning, lubrication, etc. There are a handful of paint scratches on the frame, as would be expected for a bike of this vintage.



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