Anyone have experience with these?


This is an Eddy Merckx 54 cm Steel racing bike that I had professionally added S&S couplers so that it can be used for travel. This bike comes apart and fits into a standard size suitcase so avoid the extra airline charges. This bike has been used! But it remains in very good condition with the exception of some paint chips – all of which are pictured.

Bike comes with Shimano 600 components all around, Mavic open pro wheels, Cinelli bars and a Specialized saddle. Components all function well.

This is not a show bike and has been used! It is meant to be used for travel and has traveled the Tour de France course.

For those of you looking for a travel bike – the only thing that I am selling is the bike. There is no case, wrenches, packing material or hardware. Let me know if you are interested in those items and we can negotiate.

Bike comes as pictured with no pedals or cages.

Postscript: the auction closed at $660.


2 thoughts on “Couplers…

  1. S&S couplers are no joke.
    I haven’t ever used them but I have spotted them on number of high-end, modern frames (Mooney, MAP, Sachs, etc.). I once even heard someone say that they are so strong, they make the frame stronger than keeping it all in one piece. I’m not sure I believe that statement 100% but it gives some credit to their rigidity and legitimacy.

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