Well this is a rather plain bike

Plain, but not unattractive. We bet the ride is very nice indeed.


Up for auction: A very slightly used 1985 Pogliaghi Road bike built with Columbus SL tubing. There is no rear derailleur patent date on this bike and from looking at the Campagnolo timeline, Super Record rear derailleur’s stopped being stamped from 1984-1987 and production stopped in 1987. The crank is date coded 1985, so I thinking it was built in 85-86 time frame. This bike is very clean being plain white with minimal graphics and could well be a mid 1980’s model before internal cable guides and flashy decals. I’m not an expert on these transitional Pogliaghi’s as production first went to Rossin in 1984 after Sante retired, then later 1986-87? to the Basso Brothers. Serial number is 9112 which you can draw your own conclusions on as I can’t find enough information to know which builder built it. I’m dating the bike by the the crank date as I bought this bike from a seller over 10 years ago who claimed it was New Old Stock (NOS) to him. I don’t think he rode it much or at all.

This bike’s Seat tube is 48 cm center to center. Top tube is 51 cm center to center. Stand over height is slightly over 29 3/4 inches. Weight as equipped 22 lbs with clincher rims and tires as fitted. The Touring tires are on the heavy side but (with sew ups would probably be around 21 lbs). Very typical weight for a bike of this vintage. This bike is in original paint and has never been restored. I myself have ridden this bike 3 times for no more than 100 miles. There is very little wear to the components and the cranks, brakes, pedals and most of the components are excellent for their age. Some look as new. There is some wear to the braking surface of the wheel rims as we have mountains where I live but they are not heavily worn. I do not think the bike was ridden much before I owned it.

The paint on the bike is not perfect, and there is a small scrape on the right seat stay below the Pogliaghi logo and another couple chips on the bottom of the fork near the dropout. I do believe these chips are from storage as the bike was like this when I bought it. The chain protector is vinyl and is discolored from age and chain oil from protecting the stay. I have not touched these paint flaws up as I felt the bike should be left as is, original and unrestored. I have not seen many road bikes of this age in any better condition, and think this is a very nice bike as is. I am selling some of my bikes and parts due to contemplating a move to Europe. So this bike, being I have used it rarely and is slightly too small for me, is up for sale.


Crankset: Campagnolo Super Record 52/42 chainrings, 170 mm arms, date code 11 in a square, or 1985
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Nuovo/Super record with Steel spindle
Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record (brake pads hardly worn), levers in like new condition. Even has original rubber hoods not significantly aged
Hubs: Campagnolo Nuovo record, low flange, 32 hole
Front and Rear derailleurs: Campagnolo Super Record, (no Patent date on rear)
Freewheel: Regina CX 12-21, 7 speed, (looks new!)
Pedals: Campagnolo Superleggeri (black alloy cages, steel spindle)
toe clips: Campagnolo Alloy
Seatpost: Campagnolo Super record Stem: Cinelli 1/A Bars: Cinelli: 65 Criterium, 40 cm wide
Seat: Selle San Marco Rolls black with suede pattern with gold rails and rear badge
Wheels: Ambroso Extra 19 durex, 32 hole, Tires: Specialized Touring turbo 700×28c



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