Not everyday the chance comes along to acquire a pro team bike—for not a lot of $/£/€/¥, no less (granted, the frame isn’t in what you’d call tip-top shape).


Concord PDM Team Frame for sale – $200

I’m selling a Concord PDM Team Frame/ Fork made from Columbus SLX tubing. 52 x 54 ctc. This has the number tab and has been raced as a Team frame so it will make a nice project for someone. It comes with a Campagnolo Record headset in nice condition. Asking $200. Its a piece of cycling history and should be ridden, not stored in an attic like it is now.


About PDM-Concorde:

PDM-Concorde also PDM-Ultima was a Dutch professional cycling team from 1986 until the end of 1992. Gin-MG was co-sponsor in Spanish races and Cidona was co-sponsor in the 1991 Nissan Classic. The team was sponsored by Philips Dupont Magnetics, a joint venture between the electronics company, Philips, and the chemical company, DuPont. It rode cycles made for the Dutch bicycle company Concorde by Italian manufacturer Ciocc.


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