Trek Track with Reynolds 753. Wait, what?!

Surely this must be rarer than rocking horse manure, though sadly, the fork looks bent.


Own a piece of USA cycling history, or just have the coolest fixie on the planet.
This USA team bike belonged to Kelly Kittredge and was raced around 1984-1985. Looks like she placed 38th in the World Championships, but I haven’t found out much else about her.
This bike is 100% ride-able. Beware, there is no freewheel and no brakes, it’s a true track bike.
Here are some specs:
Hand built Trek 170 frame and fork made from Reynolds 753, Brooks saddle, DuraAce cranks, Cinelli stem and bars (65-40 Criterium), SunTour Superbre Pro Hubs, SunTour wheels with flat spokes, Sew-up tires, (hold air, but very old – will need new tires to ride), Campagnolo seat post, Shimano 46 tooth front and 15 rear, Campagnolo pedals and toe clips with Alfredo Binda straps.
There are no dents or bends anywhere but some scratches and corrosion for a bike this old.
Please write if you have any questions.
I ship only to the continental USA and expect shipping to be $100.00 Local Pickup is ok!
Top of top tube to floor – 79cm
Seat tube – 53cm
Top tube length – 53.3cm
Down tube – 62cm
Crank Arms -175mm
Stem 10cm


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