1951 René HERSE 700c


57,5 cm c to c seat tube, 700C wheels.

Absolutely exceptional full chrome Herse randonneur bike.

This bike started its life in 1951 as an absolute top line 700C randonneur, with the features of Herses very best models : SKF bottom bracket, oversized down tube, all spécialités Herse parts.

In the late 60s early 70s it went back to the Herse shop to be fully reworked with modern derailleurs, brakes, wheels, and the chrome and lettering were redone.

So the bike has the geometry of a 50s bike, with “modern” derailleurs brakes; as far as riding goes, the best of both worlds. It will surely ride like a dream.

Perfect chrome except for a small area around the bottom bracket that will need to kept oiled.

Some work required : back light, incorrect and not really in adequation with the quality of the bike mudguards and seat post.

Suggested modification : the Campagnolo RD and shifters could be changed for Huret to match the FD, the wheels for Maxi-Car, the bike would then be 100% French. But the bike could also be kept exactly the way it is….


Postscript: the auction closed at $5,950.55. Yowza.


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