Singer—56 and a half

Front rack looks very cool, but we’re sad it doesn’t have silver fenders (mudguards).

Bring Your Own Saddle (and Seatpost).


56,5 cm c to c seat tube, 700C wheels.

This bike is a bit of a mystery to me, the serial number isn’t standard Singer practice, a few frame details are atypical (seat cluster), but it has clearly been worked on in the Singer shop as many frame details are 100% Singer : sealed annular bearings bottom braket, seat tube without a bolt designed to take a Singer internal expander seat post, brased-on cable stop, brake stop and cable casing guide on top tube, Singer torch fixations front and back, beautiful lugged front carrier bolted to front fork with detachable low riders etc…

The lugs have been carefully filed.

The bike has Singer paint and decals on the down tube, not on the head tube.

Parts are of top quality : Maxi-Car hubs, Philippe stem and bars, Mafac brakes, Stronglight craks, TS double chainring, Berthet Lyotard pedals, etc.

The torch fixations shows it was designed for long distance events like PBP.

Note : the saddle and seat post are NOT included in the auction, they were just added for the photo shoot to give an idea of the complete bike.


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