California Masi


Up for auction is my beautiful 1974 Carlbad Masi MC 62 #543 in original silver gray finish. I bought this as a frameset a while ago and spent time researching online catalogs and the CR list in order to build it up with the proper parts. The frame is straight and rides beautifully, easily as good as any classic era road bike that I have ever owned. The frame has some honest patina as shown in the photographs but is still quite stunning. All decals are original. I carefully airbrushed several small areas of the frame that had some corrosion that I felt needed to be addressed including; both top eyes, seat tube DR clamp area, and small area half way down left seat stay. The touch ups were clear coated and buffed so they are a good match with the original finish. Here is the build list:

FRAME Reynolds 531 DB tubing
HANDLEBAR Cinelli #64-40 alloy, cloth taped, Cinelli bar plugs
STEM Cinelli Model #1-A, 10 1/2 CM
PEDALS Campagnolo Record Strada
FRONT & REAR DERAILLEURS, Campagnolo Nuovo Record Groupset (1973 stamped)
CRANKS (170 MM),
FREEWHEEL Everest 14/22
WHEELS Martano tubular (NOS), 15 ga SS straight (non DB) spokes, Campagnolo small flange hubs)
TIRES Servizio Corse tubular
STRAPS Binda with riveted end
WATER BOTTLE T/A style with Masi imprint (repro)
PUMP Silca, color matched (sorry but w/o Masi imprint which are tough to find!) Campagnolo lightweight head (should be chrome “blue foot” head)
COLOR Silver gray with flag ST decals , blue DT decals and other highlights
FRAME SIZE 62 CM (60 cm CTC seat tube x 58 cm CTC top tube)

The above format closely follows the period Masi catalog specification page. Extra Masi details like blue painted cable clamp screw ends and cable ferrules are included as well as riveted toe straps. Currently have modern 9 speed chain installed (shifts sooo much better) but a period Regina can be included if requested. Includes two Cinelli saddles; on unpadded #55 which I find very comfortable but has a small tear on the side near the front, and one very nice smooth leather padded #4 which looks great.

The bike is adjusted and ready to ride!

Postscript: the auction ended at $1,500.


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