Eddie Merckx Corsa Extra in Team Hitachi colors

That’s a very fine-looking bike. Not our favorite EM team colors, but very nice all the same.


I have decided to sell my favorite mint condition Eddy Merckx road bike. I purchased this bike in 1988 from the High Wheeler bike shop in Boulder Colorado. It was the first professional level bicycle that I owned. In about 2005 I decided to freshen the bike up with a wonderful Joe Bell paint job in the original Hitachi paint scheme ($1,300 and worth every dollar). Also at this time a decision was made to change the bike from 7 speed to 8 speed. The rear chain stays were spread to 130mm, the shifting lugs on the down tube were removed and new ones were added to handle the lever shifters. See the photo for this change. These changes were done by Holland Bicycles, a professional custom builder in San Diego, California.

The bike is now equipped with 8 speed Dura Ace components with a Cinelli bar and stem. The wheels are made with Dura Ace hubs and Campagnolo Victory Strada rims. Veloflex tubular tires are mounted on the rims.

The bike has a 54.5 top tube. As I mentioned earlier, it has a wonderful Joe Bell paint job. You will not be able to feel any decals, it is a perfect high gloss finish. The bike has no dings or dents or scratches. The only imperfection to the paint was actually done last week when the rear wheel rubbed against the chain stay because the skewer wasn’t tight enough. Fortunately, it is not visible unless you remove the rear wheel. Please feel free to ask questions.



2 thoughts on “Eddie Merckx Corsa Extra in Team Hitachi colors

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