Criterium racing at a race track

That looks like a lot of fun.


The track configurations at Driveway Austin were designed Bill Dollahite, a professional race driver with over 25 years of world class racing experience. Some of the most challenging corners and combinations of corners from around the world were methodically blended together to create the most advanced training circuits in the world.

The course has 3 main configurations of advancing levels of difficulty. Training and access progress with the progressing levels of the course. L1 (Short Course) focuses on flat surface vehicle dynamics, L2 (Elevation Course) highlights elevation and off-camber, L3 (Grand Prix Course) showcases high-speed dynamics.

There are 4 other combinations (city course, elevation loop, highway loop, speed loop) of these three main courses that make 7 different configurations possible and the option to run 2 circuits at once.

More than just the layout design, the course was engineered from far beneath the surface with deep compacted and chosen soils, a premium grade of base material and an exotic asphalt design that is extremely smooth with exceptional grip. It took over a year to layout, prepare the elevations and soils, cure the base and compress the surface. Driveway Austin is truly a work of art in racetrack engineering and design.


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