I am America

And So Can You!


Hi. Here is a used San Marco Concor America saddle. It is about 254 mm long by about 135 mm at the widest spot about 3/4″ from the back. Saddle is a very dark gray to black color. Saddle leather has scrapes and scratches, marks and surface cracks. There are definite scrapes at the rear edges that do not go through the leather cover but do go through the smooth top finish of the leather. There is a buckle in the Concor America back label and the underneath plastic panel it rests on. The label seems to be a little bit coming up at edges. Label is not under plastic window but has a clear plastic like coating over it. There is a scrape on one nylon rail carrier, it shows in the last photo. There is a cut in the leather coming up from under the saddle. It becomes a fold like area shown in several corner photos. Concors are cut this way by the factory. As photos show logos on both sides are legible, still reasonably clear. Saddle is firm like an old Concor but not rock hard, the padding returns to normal shape if I poke it.




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