1985 Cinelli Laser America

IMG_3965 copy

We feel extraordinarily privileged and delighted to present to you the iconic Cinelli Laser in “America” specification with Columbus AIR aerodynamic tubing (noting that various tube sets were used during the Laser’s production run, including SLX and MAX). Ours is serial number 075.

IMG_4009 copy

It isn’t perfect – it was ridden and enjoyed in its lifetime and has a light patina (or beausage if you prefer) to show for it – but so much the better: we think it’s an excellent light restoration candidate and/or Sunday rider (yes, really) without the burden that accompanies, say, a museum-quality example that was never put on the road.

IMG_3996 copy

And ridden it we have—glancing down (briefly!) while at speed and catching a glimpse of that pancake-flat down tube is a thrill that doesn’t go away, and the first-generation Campagnolo C Record gruppo is even quieter and silkier than the one on our Supercorsa. To contemplate the bike on a wall and lose oneself in its curves is to be filled with a serene, almost meditative joy; to wind it up, uncork it, and sprint out of its saddle on the open road is to experience pure exhilaration.

IMG_3993 copy


  • 1985 Cinelli Laser America, serial number 075 of approximately 200 pieces ever made
  • Strada, i.e., road specification (as opposed to Pista, Crono)
  • Columbus AIR tubing
  • Original paint
  • Cinelli ostrich leather saddle and matching stitched handlebar wrap
  • 50cm seat tube c-c, 53cm top tube c-c, 78cm standover
  • Campagnolo C Record first generation group set (minus chain and 7-speed freewheel)
  • Campagnolo Record Aero shift levers (we think)
  • Mavic MA2 clincher rims
  • Vittoria Open Corsa SC II 700×23 tires

IMG_3972 copy IMG_3975 copy IMG_3976 copy IMG_3974 copy IMG_3991 copy IMG_3990 copy IMG_3995 copy IMG_3994 copy IMG_4011 copy IMG_4001 copyb IMG_4013 copy IMG_4006 copy IMG_4014 copy IMG_4025 copy IMG_4023 copy IMG_4029 copy IMG_4030 copy IMG_4033 copy IMG_4040 copy IMG_4037 copy IMG_4019 copy IMG_4022 copy IMG_4018 copy IMG_4034 copy IMG_4017 copy IMG_4042 copylaserteam

The Laser is sold. Thanks to all parties who expressed interest.


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