Basso Ascot

Not the same old, same old, eh? Looks like an Italian stallion that couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a Celeste Bianchi or a Rosso corsa Cinelli and ended up splitting the difference.

Eye-catching colors for sure. We’d ride it.


56cm seat tube x 56,5cm top tube
Columbus MS (Multi Shape)
Campagnolo Record / Athena

For sale is one of my favorite road bikes that I have ridden many times. Its a Basso Ascot, early 90s top of the line bicycle built by the italian manufacturer Basso. This model of Basso has its special features rare and interesting and at the same time practical: Each tube is of different shape improving the frame stiffness.
Top tube is lemon shaped on the sides, down tube is an up side down tear shaped tube, rear stays are different: left is triangular shape and right one is oval shaped. Rear stays are brazed together and behind the seat lug in a very professional fashion. Fork crown is “B” engraved in Basso style. Front lugs of main tubes are cut short and typical only to this line of frames. Bottom bracket is the special MS version built to fit the tear shaped down tube, and is Columbus MS engraved.

I found the frame is a bad repainted condition, and after months work in finding the right paint and the right painter, I managed to have it restored to its original form. The paint and lacquer are of 8/10 with small paint faults when viewed close up, but the effect is beautiful overall.
Because I have used this bicycle regularly once every few weeks, some chips appeared on the paint.

Some components have been changed since these pictures were taken two years ago, but aesthetically the bicycle remains the same:
The Rolls saddle pictured is not available any more, has been replaced for a similarly white Selle Royal Dolphin saddle of same era. The rear derailleur has also been changed to a identical model during the past year in slightly more used condition.
The black stem has been replaced by a gray Dura Ace AX stem, and the handlebars are Deda slightly shorter rearch version.
Wheels are in very good condition and so is the bicycle and parts overall.

Basso Ascot Frame: 56cm ST x 56,6cm TT
Headset: Campagnolo Athena
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Mirage
Crank set: Campagnolo Athena 1st gen.
STI levers: Campagnolo Mirage
Front derailleur: Campagnolo Athena
Rear derailleur: Campagnolo Athena
Brake calipers: Campagnolo Record double pivot
Seatpost: Dura Ace 7400 / Campagnolo Record / Athena (can be replaced)
Saddle: Selle Royal Dolphin (white)
Pedals: Campagnolo Athena + straps (optional)
Wheels: Campagnolo Shamal (Record Titanium) 16 spokes
Tyres: Michelin Hi Lite PRO vintage 700×23 little wear
Chain: Campagnolo C8
Stem: Dura Ace AX
Handlebars: Deda


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