Eco Pista

Seen in the catalogue, never seen one on offer in black. We like.


I have for sale a 1981 Bianchi Eco Pista.

Seat tube is 49cm ctc
Top tube is 51cm ctc

This was one model down from their top tier track bike in the late 70s/early 80’s. This particular bike has never been ridden on the street (aside from my short test ride), and still rolls on its original Mavic sew up rims. This bike was factory drilled for a front break.

This bike shows its age with some paint dings thorough out but nothing serious and nothing down to metal. The Gipiemme group is mostly intact minus the headset and seatpost. The current seatpost is a cheapie kalloy, and the headset is a mix of a few things but works very well. If you’re looking to restore the bike gipiemme components are way cheaper than campy stuff. The correct post usually runs around 40 bucks and the headset around 60.

The cockpit is currently set up with scratched Cinelli 65-40 Crit bars attached to a 90mm Cinelli 1A. Classic track setup for smaller riders. The crit bars are just a smaller version of the Cinelli 67 pista drops. *If you would prefer I can ship the bike with almost brand new nitto B125 NJS track bars and a nitto pearl 9. But I think the Cinelli cockpit is way more fitting for this bike.


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