Molteni Orange Blue

That’s nice…

s-l1600 (27)mb

1969 – Size 57 x 57.5 cm – Pro Rider Team Frame
Extremely collectable and much sought after, fully restored Colnago Molteni Super Tipo Roma team frame. Owned and ridden by Pierfranco Vianelli who was part of the Molteni team from 1969-1970. This frame is from 1969, before Molteni switched to the well known “Molteni Orange” color. This frame was acquired in a small town on Iseo Lake, very close to where Vianelli was born and lived. Unfortunately, there is not official documentation but there are many indications that confirm what the previous owner knew about the frame.

One indication that speak to the origin of this frame are the lugs. While Colnago Super frames sold on the market had elaborated lugs with the Colnago “clubs” logo pantos, this particular frame is a mix of earlier Colnago Freccia style lugs, such as those seen on the 1968 Francis Blanc Molteni team bicycle, and later Colnago Super Tipo Roma lugs. This was often the case with team frames that were not built using the same criteria as frames destined for the market. Sometimes a frame was needed in a hurry, other times they were made with leftover parts to save money, other times cyclists themselves has specific requests.

This frame has been fully restored. The frame has been stripped and restored. Chrome, paint and decals are all new. In great condition, no signs of oxidation, frame is straight.


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