Vampire randonneuse

The bike is French in origin but the seller, fittingly, is in the home country of Dracula, et al.



1950s french randonneur in 650b wheels

48,5cm seat tube (c-c) x 53cm (c-c) top tube

I found this beautiful rare bicycle near the city of Chateauroux in the heart of France, while on holiday in 2014. The condition I had found the bicycle in , was barely functional, with beautiful patina, the original paint was partly still visible but rust seemed to have taken over most of the bicycle, but luckily all parts were the original ones. I was lucky to have bits of two letters of the original decals still visible. After deciding to completely restore the bicycle to its original condition, I took on the challange of re creating decals, and paint decoration. All steel parts that were rusted have been freshly chromed: Crank set, derailleur , seat post, rims, hubs, handlebar , rear stays of the frame and fork. Aluminum parts have been professionally polished to mirror shine: early M.A.F.A.C cantilever brakes, rando brake levers , AVA stem.
After managing to find the right painter for this difficult restoration job, I was very happy with the results. Only parts with original patina still on, are the Le Fol Martelle aluminum fenders, typical of 650b french randonneurs of the 50s and 60s. I also have the rear rack of the bicycle , original dynamo, and a period correct french head lamp, but didn’t get to install them yet. They are also included in the listing price. The wheels have been build using original hubs and rims after re chroming. New spokes and nipples were used, and after that new Grand Bois 650b tyres have been installed. The freewheel is a very rare Moyne Model 1960 four speed freewheel. This bicycle is ready to be ridden on weekend rides, and has the potential of a complete touring bicycle with eyelets for front and rear rack as well.

Vampire 650b randonneur , Nervex Lugs – 2100g steel frame (49cm x 53 cm)

Headset: Original french origin
Bottom bracket: original axle / cups
Crank set: A. Duprat steel crank set 48 teeth
Freewheel: 4 speed Moyne modele 1960
Rear derailleur: Simplex Juy piston push derailleur
Shifter: Early Simplex Juy lever
Saddle: Original french Luxe leather saddle
Stem: Ava
Handlebars: Ava rando bars
Brake levers: Mafac rando levers
Brakes: Mafac early cantilevers
Hubs: New Star , original hubs
Rims: Rigida Chromolux
Fenders: Le Fol Martell
Rear light: Catalux
Head light: Radios
Tyres: Grand Bois 650Bx42


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