Is this why we get dropped by dudes riding carbon and wearing kit?

It’s not our conditioning, it’s our equipment—honest…


2 thoughts on “Is this why we get dropped by dudes riding carbon and wearing kit?

  1. Cool video. Though if you look closely, it’s not as huge of a difference as they make it sound. I messed around with this site
    No idea what speed they’re using in this test, but usually it’s on the higher side in order to show bigger gains (25-30mph). Using a 1 hour baseline for 40k = 24.85 mph, which I think is reasonable (though pretty quick for a solo ride). 1 hour 50 seconds = 24.51 mph, or a drop of 0.34 mph of average speed. If I was doing a TT, in a sprint finish, on the rivet, or in a racing in a solo break away scenario, that could be the difference between winning and losing. No discussion at all. But, if you’re out riding solo, seriously doubt you’d notice a difference of 0.34 mph and if you’re in a “spirited” group ride, drafting is going to negate any real difference.

    HOWEVER, and most importantly, the perceived difference between the carbon wunderbike and your steel ride is, thanks to the healthy amount of marketing and internet forum misinformation out there is ginormous. Therefore, the maximum “pwnage” potential that comes from a steel bike when riding a carbon Fred chariot off your wheel cannot be understated. Nasty little secret in the bike industry is the engine is what actually wins races. And, the flip side, should your engine be more than F1, you’re on a classy bike above the fray of stupid, egotistical cat-6ing.

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