Giving this newfangled “cyclo-touring” thing a try

It was wet, so we grabbed the rain bike.

Our journey begins here, on the Shore Parkway Greenway in Brooklyn, New York:


which passes under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connecting Brooklyn to Staten Island, New York.


The Greenway ends, depositing us into New York City outer borough traffic. There’s less congestion (not to mention cycling infrastructure) here than in Manhattan, so cars are more than happy to whiz past. (Three feet rule? What three feet rule?)

On the other hand, it takes us through Coney Island:


including the Cyclone:


until we’re finally back on the Greenway. Serenity now!


Stopping for a lie-down:


Plum Beach:


Gerritsen Creek—dirty and urban but still somehow managing to be beautiful, a bit like New York City itself:


Leaving Brooklyn finally:


and headed toward Queens:


until we finally reach Broad Channel, Queens for the last leg of our “rails n’ trails” journey. This isn’t a flattering view of the Broad Channel Wetlands, but you can just make out the lower Manhattan skyline on the horizon:


Broad Channel Station. The short journey between Broad Channel and neighboring Howard Beach is, in our view, the nicest in the NYC subway system—like Venice in New York.


A great way to spend a Saturday morning, weather and all.


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