Nature Boy Disc

Haven’t updated in awhile—here’s the latest to join our stable:


Great bike! It represents a few ‘firsts’ for us:

  • First brand new bike (or in the case, frameset) ever purchased (since childhood, anyway)
  • First disc brakes
  • First bike from an American company softbank_ne_jp-4e6
  • At a more micro level, first “compact” frame geometry (i.e., sloping top tube, fistfuls – note plural – of seatpost), first straight fork, first silver fenders/mudguards, first…

Let’s see if this one lasts (we tend to go through bikes like, well—insert your favorite analogy here), though we have a feeling that it will—it ticks a lot of boxes for us.


2 thoughts on “Nature Boy Disc

  1. Currently, there are a number of solid manufactures putting out gorgeous steel bicycles with modern touches. All City is certainly in that category and also caught my eye.
    I too have been tempted by purchasing one of these “newfangled”, sloping top tube, threadless, disc brake machines. Seeing your example is refreshing. Modern with tasteful aesthetics and nods to the past. Well done!

    Please do post updates on how it performs.


    • Good to hear from you! The bike is made out of chromoly steel so the ride is pretty much as you would expect – plush, compliant – with no hidden surprises. I set some PRs (personal records) on the bike on my favorite local loop, so it’s plenty capable (though no lightweight with the disc brakes).


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