What is this?

This is the personal blog of a hopeless bike (and bike accoutrement) addict in NYC. Here you’ll find plenty of links to (unaffiliated) interesting bikes for sale around the world (wide web), bike-related media (photos*, video) from the web, updates on personal bike projects, and more. Tastes run toward steel-framed road, track, and touring bikes of yore. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Want to see something here? Send love mail? Hate mail? Email us.

*Most photos found through Google Images and not ours unless otherwise specified. If you are the owner of specific content and would like your photos removed, let us know.


Q: I clicked on a link but the ad is no longer available. What happened?
A: One of two things— the item sold, or the ad expired. Unlike eBay, whose listings continue to be temporarily available after an auction has closed (but also go away eventually), Craigslist doesn’t maintain any publicly available archive of past advertisements.

Q: What is the price range of bikes that you post?
A: No bike is too cheap or too expensive to appear on these pages, but we love a good deal and you’ll find the majority of bikes here to be advertised for under $2,000.

Q: Do you make any money from this?
A: No— we’re not associated or affiliated with any of the bike sales, nor do we know any of the sellers. But if we helped you find something, or you just happen to like what you see here, donations are greatly appreciated.

Q: Then why do it?
A: For you, the reader! We love a good find but can’t buy them all, so we pass them on to you.

As a side benefit, we also find the market for higher-end classic steel bikes to be interesting and think there is value to having a database of comparables. We therefore include bid and/or ask information whenever possible.


3 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. dude,

    I absolutely LOVE your site. It’s great to see other people out there who value old, mostly steel bikes with tremendous residual value. These things still work quite well and were not rendered obsolete by newer materials and fabrication methods.

    Your photos and presentation are spot-on. Keep up the great work!


  2. delighted by your obsession. I am in the process of painting, chroming (in the facility of Marinoni), and rebuilding my 1980 Freschi touring bicycle. I am the owner of this 21 inch frame purchased as a frame in the year 1980. it will be featured in the web page of Rebicycle, a Montreal based company upon completion in April of 2017.


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