Pedalling Dreams: The Raleigh Story (2017)

Ah BBC, we love your documentary films.


Introducing our Colnago C40 Team Lampre, Paris Roubaix edition (whew)


It’s an interesting thing about these bikes. For the longest time, we thought they were pretty silly-looking – historically, the aesthetic of this website has skewed toward the understated, restrained, ‘less is more’ look of, say, a classic steel Cinelli (or, if we’re really letting our hair down, a multi-colored Bottecchia), but sometime late last year something changed with regard to how we viewed Colnagos, and the C40 in particular. Maybe it was the breathless and near-universal acclaim, its firmly-cemented status in pro cycling history, or even the celebrity endorsement that made us crack. Regardless, it was like a switch had been flipped, and we found ourselves wanting one. The search commenced. And now this, finally.


The bike represents a few firsts for us! First Colnago. First carbon bike (though we’re cheating slightly with the steel fork—not that we’d turn down a 1″ Star carbon). Most modern “vintage” bike—the Bottecchia before it was an ’89. Most professional grade (circa the mid-1990s, but all the same). Modestly lighter than the Bottecchia (and definitely the Cinelli with its beautiful, heavy C Record kit) by about 1.5 kg, which still makes it quite porky by modern featherweight standards (20+ years have elapsed in bike tech, after all). Certainly a budget-busting build—our most expensive one so far by a long shot.


How does it ride? We have to admit we went into this without a clue as to what to expect other than what the Internet told us. Much to our relief, it’s good. Very good. Qualitatively different from steel. Feels faster, but that could just be confirmation bias talking. Only time will tell if this is the Goldilocks bike (“just right”) we’ve been wanting, or if…