Reader Ride: Aamir in NYC’s Bianchi Lo Pro

You might recall this fine Bianchi Lo Pro we posted last year. As it happens, it belongs to a reader! And Aamir’s Bianchi is now sporting our old Shamals, which look exquisite on his bike. We’re beyond thrilled that they went to such a good home.

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Richard in Midlands’ (UK) Bottecchia

We are unsure of the model and neither is Richard, though he believes it dates back to the early-to-mid 1980s, which seems plausible to us. Do any eagle-eyed readers know?

Look for this bike – and its owner/rider – at this year’s Eroica Britannia! And thanks to Richard for submitting.


As a reminder, see past installments of our Readers’ Rides here. And submit your own here.

Reader ride: Ken in SC’s 1983 Guerciotta Pista


Ken writes thusly:

Here is the 1983 Guerciotta Pista after I restored it to my liking. I spent the last 6 months looking for a vintage track bike to make into my regular fixie. I enjoy taking an occasional fixed gear ride on our local Swamp Rabbit Rails to Trail which stretches about 13 miles from downtown Greenville, SC to just past Travelers Rest, SC.

You can review the ‘before‘ album to see this bike before the work. I had to free both a frozen stem and seat post. I’m looking for a 27.2mm Campy seat post (destroyed during removal) to replace the 26.8mm currently installed with Coke can shims.

I repainted the yellow lug cutouts with matching yellow. Also painted the seat post flutes yellow. I had to paint one missing ray of the front head tube star decal – can you notice? The bike could easily be repainted and reproduction transfers (decals) are available but I wanted to keep the patina.

Installed a new Tange chrome plated steel headset to match the bike. Installed a black Brooks B-17 seat, Cinelli bars and stem. Retaped the bars in yellow foam tape. The Pantographed chain ring is a neat feature. Wheels are modern high flange Formula hubs laced to Alex R500 rims. I bought some early 80’s vintage Specialized Turbo/R gum wall tires. I have 4 of them as some will probably crack due to age.

Due to the track geometry it was difficult to locate a front brake caliper with a short enough reach. The bike came with the Dia Compe caliper you see (disassembled and cleaned) with a drop bolt mounted upside down so the caliper hinge is higher than the fork crown hole. This fork was drilled at the factory.

I’m ready to go ride this baby! That’s why it has clipless pedals installed.


Ken’s other bikes can be seen here—certainly, an interesting and enviable collection in a beautiful part of the country for riding.

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Brian in CA’s Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Team ADR


Brian in Davis, CA bought the Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Team ADR last seen on these pages and shared these post-purchase photos. Already we spy a number of very worthwhile changes, such as the Delta brakes, non-ergonomic handlebar, Record aero seatpost, pantographed stem, Elite Ciussi bidon cage—the list goes on. Well done, Brian! Thank you sharing.


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