Richard in Midlands’ (UK) Bottecchia

We are unsure of the model and neither is Richard, though he believes it dates back to the early-to-mid 1980s, which seems plausible to us. Do any eagle-eyed readers know?

Look for this bike – and its owner/rider – at this year’s Eroica Britannia! And thanks to Richard for submitting.


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And in with the new

This is our new Bottecchia Squadra built up with a hodgepodge of “Campag” 10s parts and, conspicuously, no downtube shifters. We have jumped that shark and are probably never going back*.

Re: the frame, we were hoping we’d find ourselves here someday.


The frame has lots of neat little flourishes, so more photos hopefully soon.

*Unless one of these days we’re fortunate enough to find ourselves at L’Eroica.

That’s pretty

Always liked this look and that Bottecchia script decal. Even prettier in black than in the signature red-and-white, in our opinion.

Just the frame (or would that be frame+fork? we recommend confirming with the seller) is on offer, but we’re enamored nonetheless…

$_57 (8b)

Up for sale beautiful Bottecchia Team Malvor 55 cm Frame only
Columbus SLX tubing
Fully chromed
55 cm ctc top tube