Is it art?

We like our new bike, but even we think that’s going a bit far.

You have to hand it to Ernesto Colnago, though; he knew (knows) how to promote a bike.


Molteni Orange Blue

That’s nice…

s-l1600 (27)mb

1969 – Size 57 x 57.5 cm – Pro Rider Team Frame
Extremely collectable and much sought after, fully restored Colnago Molteni Super Tipo Roma team frame. Owned and ridden by Pierfranco Vianelli who was part of the Molteni team from 1969-1970. This frame is from 1969, before Molteni switched to the well known “Molteni Orange” color. This frame was acquired in a small town on Iseo Lake, very close to where Vianelli was born and lived. Unfortunately, there is not official documentation but there are many indications that confirm what the previous owner knew about the frame.

One indication that speak to the origin of this frame are the lugs. While Colnago Super frames sold on the market had elaborated lugs with the Colnago “clubs” logo pantos, this particular frame is a mix of earlier Colnago Freccia style lugs, such as those seen on the 1968 Francis Blanc Molteni team bicycle, and later Colnago Super Tipo Roma lugs. This was often the case with team frames that were not built using the same criteria as frames destined for the market. Sometimes a frame was needed in a hurry, other times they were made with leftover parts to save money, other times cyclists themselves has specific requests.

This frame has been fully restored. The frame has been stripped and restored. Chrome, paint and decals are all new. In great condition, no signs of oxidation, frame is straight.

Nice-looking frame

But is it worth the nosebleed asking price?

s-l1600 (27)mp

Colnago C40 Mapei World Champion Limited Edition frame set.

Hard to find
Very light, Colnago C40 Pro team frame set.

With Columbus Carbon fibre tubes.

Perfect Italian Cambiago bicycle for that fast ride.

Ultra high modulus carbon frame featuring internally ribbed top and down tubes.

For even more racing speed.
Ernesto’s stiff precise tapered carbon fork and refined geometry, provide rail-like handeling at every turn.

As Sir Bradley Wiggens would say:
C40 the best looking bike ever made

A: 54 cm cc 57 cm centre bb to underside seat clamp
B: 55 cm top tube centre centre

Colnago Team Mapei C40 (ex-Andrea Tafi)

Team bikes coming out of the woodwork today..


When Ernesto released the Colnago C40 he started a revolution.
Before, carbon fibre has been seen as the future of cycling and there have been loads of experiments going on since the 1970s. But to that point no carbon fibre bike proved so safe and light at the same time, that it was suitable as a professional team bike. Well constructed enough to equally compete in the mountains and the classics of Flanders.
1994, to celebrate the company’s 40th birthday, the C40 was first presented to the public. A construction of profiled carbon fibre tubes, fitted together by well proportioned carbon fibre lugs and steered with a high tech steel fork.
And it became available in an unbelievable amount of paint schemes. All paintjobs were carried out by hand and found the company some extra fame.
However, the frame had yet to prove that it was capable of being a threat to the aluminium and steel bikes in the hard races pro teams have to attend.
Ernesto outfitted the Team Mapei as the first squad to race his prestigieous machine. They proved that the bike was capable of coping with the roughest conditions. And how they did!
Mapei’s Franco Ballerini won the 1995 Paris-Roubaix and suddenly everybody was aware of the fact that the demise of Aluminium frames might have begun. The next year ultimately made the frame a legend, when Johan Museeuw, Andrea Tafi and Gianluca Bortolami crossed the line at the Roubaix velodrome as first second and third of the race.
And as if this would not be phenomenal enough, the team Mapei repeated the triple in 1998 and 1999. In that last year the winner was Andrea Tafi, an extremely strong rider and specialist for one day races.
By the end of his career, Tafi had been the Italian champion and won Paris Roubaix, the Tour of Flanders and the Tour of Lombardy.
Here we are proud to present to you a bike of this champion. One of his original Team Mapei Colnago C40. And the best: It has his 1999 paint scheme. We kept the bike as originally as possible and basically just cleaned it. Some minor changes seem to have happened to the bike since 1999 like a swap of the saddle and stem. But in general the bike and the way it is built up seem very sound.
This is a paticularly rare opportunity to get hold of one of those mapei team bikes. If you are a collector, an admirer of the Mapei team or if you just want to try if you can push that 53-11 transition as hard as Tafi – here is your unique chance.

Seat Tube
Top Tube
Head Tube


Frame & Fork
Colnago C40, Carbon fibre, Columbus fork.
Front Derailleur
Shimano Dura Ace
Rear Derailleur
Shimano Dura Ace
Shimano Dura Ace
Shimano Dura Ace
Bottom Bracket
Ritchey; 130mm
Stem Bar
Ritchey; 42cm
Shimano Dura Ace
Shimano Dura Ace
Brake Levers
Shimano Dura Ace
Shimano Dura Ace; 11-21
FiR Isidis; 700c tubular
Veloflex Criterium tubulars
Seat Post
Colnago carbon fibre (Selle Bassano Italy)
NOS chain
Handlebar Tape
Shimano PD 6600

What about Roger?

We’ve all seen the Merckx frames with the man’s likeness on the head tube. Why not Mr. Paris-Roubaix?

(Nevermind that he’s most closely associated with a blue Gios, not a brown ‘nago.)


Colnago Sport 56cm w/ Roger deVlaeminck decals – $400 (Normal heights)

56cm square early 1970’s Colnago sport from what we know. Repainted by Alan Wanta in 2014 with a root beer brown metallic with Roger DeVlaeminck decals burried under clear. Columbus tubing. Hasnt been built since repaint. Obo.

Mapei-livery’d Colnago C40

Some grumbling out in the web-o-sphere that the bike in question is overpriced; then again, how often do these come along?

One thing’s for certain: the poor quality photos do the seller no favors.


2002 Colnago C-40 Does not have Star Fork Mint Condition….. I have had it for over 12 years stored in one of the bedrooms never in the garage.
Campy Record components……I’m the 2nd Owner.